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We provide Expert Witness Liability Reports, Quantum Cost of Care Reports, Case Management Reports and Statement of Fact Reports for Periodic Payment Orders (PPO's)

Medico-Legal Expert Witness & Nursing Consultancy

The appointment of an appropriately qualified, experienced and credible expert can be crucial to the outcome of a case. Often a case will turn on the question of what the normal practices and procedures are in a particular set of circumstances. This requires a reliance on the evidence of an expert with specialist understanding and knowledge of complex nursing issues. The expert’s ability to convey specialist knowledge to the instructing solicitor and ultimately a judge is of paramount importance.

An Expert Witness is a person whose qualifications and expertise give an added authority to opinions or statements given or made by them within their area of expertise when acting for a party in Court. The purpose of expert evidence is to assist the judge in reaching an independent conclusion on a matter. An expert witness provides impartial evidence within the area of their expertise and can give their opinion as well as factual evidence. The duty of an Expert Witness is to the court to whom the expert evidence is being given. The Expert Witness carries out investigations to enable them to set out the facts fully and to give truthful, impartial and independent opinions covering all relevant matters without bias to the appointing party. As an Expert Witness, we play a fundamental role within Ireland’s judicial system by providing opinion to assist courts in reaching decisions. The courts recognise our unique role in the legal proceedings.

We have experience of acting as Expert Witness on Medical Negligence proceedings and in the Circuit Court and High Court. We have been instructed by solicitors north and south of the border, to prepare medico legal reports on behalf of a variety of clients who have suffered medical negligence such as cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury and clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries. 

Siobhan Ms Sweeney, Managing Director of MCS Case Management and her team are highly qualified and experienced professionals. Siobhan worked as hospital manager of Tallaght Hospital for 16 years. She set up MCS Case Management 5 years ago and has untaken a wealth of medico legal and expert witness training to become a reliable nursing consultant. Siobhan has considerable knowledge and a credible track record in providing medico legal reports for solicitor and the courts throughout Ireland in the areas of

  • Medical Negligence
  • Quantum Cost of Care
  • Case Management
  • Statement of Fact
  • Periodical Payment Orders (PPO)
  • Occupational Injury

 For further information or assistance, please call Siobhan on her direct line 01 493 6948 or email


As well as being skilled in the field of nursing consultancy, MCS Case Management Ltd also write first class expert reports for court.

We work effectively with solicitors to define our brief and write a first class report we can stand over. We have also completed courtroom skills and advanced cross-examination with La Touche.

  • We produce well-structured court-compliant reports
  • We can give effective oral evidence
  • We understand the relevant law and our duties to the court
  • We have established clear terms and conditions for solicitors
  • We visit clients countrywide to do assessments (including ADLS, activities of daily living)  
  • Before working with clients, we completed a GDPR compliance survey and contract with clients.

Liability and Causation Reports

  • We provide full and detailed Liability and Causation reports for Medical Negligence, that are suitable for disclosure, containing
  • a cover page,
  • content/index page,
  • introduction,
  • author’s statement of qualifications,
  • documents considered,
  • case abstract / summary,
  • social history,
  • medical history,
  • detailed chronology of care/events leading up to and including the index event,   including inserts of the most important documentation,
  • visit & assessment/examination details incl. ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living Assessment),
  • observations,
  • opinion,
  • signed statement of truth,
  • glossary,
  • references
  • and appendices including author’s CV.

In our expert reports, we present the evidence as clearly and effectively as possible, making a difference to how each party evaluates their prospects of success and, potentially, the settlement value of the claim. Our reports are succinct, focused, analytical and evidence based.

We deal with the facts carefully and set out in our report the material on which we have based our opinion considering all the evidence.

We reference relevant information and evidence available, as well as providing guidance from appropriate professional bodies and academic literature to support our opinion.

We will advise you on the full extent of data that could be available and any further records and information that may be required.

We will refer to all relevant guidelines or protocols that often provide helpful evidential support.

We will flag the need for further expert evidence in another discipline to consider at the earliest opportunity.

We understand the importance of good communication and the necessity to work together effectively to ensure that the evidence is as clear and full as possible.

If there is ever any doubt or queries, we will always call or email to confirm matters. We believe talking on the phone can save precious time and often provide missed opportunities.

Finally, one of the key goals of the client in pursuing a claim is often to understand what has happened and why. They have often been left without a full explanation for the situation in which they now find themselves. Liability reports are often the first and only opportunity the client has to understand what happened. Clients are, almost without exception, extremely grateful to the experts for their explanations. Whilst this is technically a by-product of the litigation, it is always something for which we are equally grateful.

For further information or assistance, please call Siobhan on her direct line 01 493 6948 or email

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