Siobhan McSweeney

My name is Siobhan Mc Sweeney. I am a qualified Nurse and Midwife with extensive experience in various managerial roles within the health sector. I set up McSweeney Case Management in 2015 and renamed the company MCS Case Management in 2018.

I offer a complete case management service to clients with complex medical needs, brain injury and cerebral palsy.  I work in conjunction with my client’s, their families, solicitors and the office of the Wards of Court. I have clients countrywide and have had great success enhancing our clients quality of life.

I run a personalised and professional business and provide a collaborative service that assesses, plans, implements, monitors and evaluates support options and services that meet the unique needs of all my clients and their families.

I was employed for ten years as Assistant Director of Nursing at the Meath Hospital, Dublin from 1986 to 1998. Most recently, I was employed as Assistant Director of Nursing, Bed Manager and Site Manager (Night Duty) at Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin, for a period of 16 years up to 2015. My role included the co-ordination of admissions from the Emergency Department; staff allocation; liaising regularly with the medical and nursing staff in relation to the management and care of patients in the Intensive Care Unit, Theatre, Coronary Care Unit, Medical & Surgical Wards, Orthopaedics Wards and Care of the Elderly Unit. I was a member of the Emergency Response Team and the Crash Team for all medical emergencies. I had direct access to the Hospital CEO in the event of critical incidents. I was responsible for providing daily reports to the Special Delivery Unit, Department of Health, on bed capacity and Emergency Department activity. I took part in the investigation of adverse incidents, both clinical and non-clinical, identifying the risks highlighted by the incidents and providing feedback to the relevant managers to include proffering solutions to prevent or limit a reoccurrence of the risks. I investigated complaints made by patients, families and staff members. I liaised with the media, when necessary, on behalf of the hospital.

Feel free to contact me on 086 166 4318 or by email

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