MCS Case Management

A competent Case Manager will transform an award of damages into a meaningful and fulfilled future for their client.

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Providing support for families with cerebral palsy, an acquired brain injury or complex needs.

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We provide Professional Expert Reports
for Solicitors and Courts

Immediate Needs Assessments, Periodic Payment Reports, Case Management Costings, Past Present & Future Care Reports and Causation & Liability Reports.

Case Management
Retrospective and Future Cost of Care Reports .

We liaise with families, solicitors, the office of the wards of court, care providers and other agencies.

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Expert Witness
We provide personal injury, case management services, independent and objective causation and liability reports for Solicitors and Courts.

We work closely with individuals, their families, solicitors, the office of the wards of court, care providers and other agencies assessing needs, structuring rehabilitation interventions and supports. We have significant experience of working with such clients.

Are you caring for a loved one with a brain injury, catastrophic injury or cerebral palsy?

With our nursing and case management qualifications and experience, we can help. Read about some of our clients, both children and adults.

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We work with multi-disciplinary teams all over the country, to source a suitable range of therapies in and outside the home.

Physiotherapy, Neuro-physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Specialised Occupational therapy, Music Therapy and many more.

We are always looking for cutting edge
treatments and technology.

We oversee home care packages, specialised builds, source adapted transport, incorporate assistive technology and source and oversee the demonstration and installation of cutting edge aids and appliances.

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Case Management

We have established an excellent reputation for successfully helping our clients with both complex and moderate needs. Our case management services make a real difference, supporting individuals and families to adjust to life changing injuries and maximising their potential. An enormously rewarding service to provide. We offer problem solving skills in a creative, flexible and proactive way to the highest standards. Our clients range from children to adults.

Expert Witness

We research medical negligence cases and provide Expert Witness Reports to solicitors in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and in the UK. We also work with the State Claims Agency and the office of the Wards of Court, soon to be the Decision Support Service. 

An Expert Nursing Opinion identifies key issues affecting standards of care, examines omissions in care provided & highlights standards of care.