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Case Management in Ireland


MCS Case Management Ltd provide case management services nationwide in Ireland. We work with children and adults who have cerebral palsy, an acquired brain injury, spinal injury, and other moderate, catastrophic and complex needs. It is a sad reality that our clients are almost invariable going through a period of crisis and learning to adapt to a life changing injury. We have extensive experience in assessing individual needs and are able to provide a comprehensive case management service designed to maximise independence and quality of life. We provide Case Management reports for the courts and Statement of Fact Reports for Period Payment Orders (PPO's). We also provide Case Management Services to families. 

We specialise in the care of clients who have:

  • An Acquired brain injury.
  • Spinal cord injury.
  • Trauma injury.
  • Cerebral palsy.
  • Other moderate catastrophic and complex needs

“Case Management is an active process devoted to the coordination, rehabilitation, care and support of individuals with complex clinical needs, and their families. It aims to facilitate their independence and improve their quality of life whilst acknowledging safety issues”

                                         British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers

  What is Case Management in Ireland?

 Case management is the personal and bespoke management of a client’s specific needs.

  • Initially it involves

            -  assessing a client’s current situation,

            -  identifying any additional needs,

            -  preparing a comprehensive case management report

            -  initiating a therapeutic relationship with the client and their family as well as  establishing professional links with their solicitor and the office of the wards of court.

  • Once a contract has been established, services include:

             - the provision of support to the client and their family,

            -  sourcing suitable resources to meet each client’s particular needs, hopes and wishes in the best interest of the client

            -  and then efficiently implementing and co-coordinating all of the services

            -  communicating effectively with all parties involved incl. case review meetings.

  • This is an ongoing service which is constantly monitored, assessed, adjusted and reviewed with professional reports and documentation.
  • At MCS Case management, we provide a personal service with monthly visits to clients and follow up telephone calls, text and emails. We use a case management software called Qunote to document all of the details of each clients case.

 “Case Management is a collaborative process which assesses, plans, implements, co-ordinates, monitors and evaluates the options and services required to meet an individual’s health, social care, educational and employment needs, using communication and available resources to promote cost effective outcomes”

                                           Case Management Society United Kingdom


The Role of the Case Manager

A case manager is a qualified professional with knowledge and experience of the day-to-day challenges that their client and their loved ones may face. The case manager is separate from the personal injury legal process and their duty of care is wholly to their client.

The case manager’s notes will be shared with solicitors, because they can give a holistic account of the clients’ needs, helping to facilitate the legal process.

  • A case manager is an independent person who has experience in working with people with catastrophic injuries and complex needs.
  • A case manager is a coordinator and a single point of contact for all therapists, associations and people involved with each particular case and so they have an overview of the whole case.
  • A case manager monitors services provided, invoices submitted and ensures that services work well for the ward and their family. (Third Party)

“Since MCS Case Management started working with us, our lives have changed in particular having help me employ personal assistants for my son. He has become more independent, more stimulated and engaged in gardening and school. Another benefit of this is that I get to have some time for myself and this has positively impacted on the whole family. Siobhan has assisted us with the refurbishment of our home and this has changed our lives with my son now living in his own personal apartment supported by his multi-disciplinary care team. Siobhan is always available for support with every challenge. I cannot imagine what life would be like without a case manager like Siobhan. We have been extremely fortunate to benefit from Siobhan’s expertise”


Before the case is settled: How Case Management Works

 A Case manager will initially visit the client and their family to work with them to complete a comprehensive assessment of their needs. Following this visit, a detailed Case Management report is produced with our recommendations for potential case manager services. A copy of this report is sent to your solicitor who will then share this report with you and use it in the litigation process.

At MCS Case Management, we can start working 3 months in advance of initial payment. This is a crucial time for initiating a therapeutic and working relationship. We work together to identify and prioritise what the family would like to achieve. We can also make suggestions based on our expertise. We then make a plan of clear steps to achieve these goals to regain and maintain the best quality of life and independence for all. We consider every aspect of our clients’ physical, intellectual, and emotional wellbeing and act as an advocate for them. During this time, we can start to source services, therapies and aids locally as this can be time consuming. We have the insight to foresee issues and avoid pitfalls while also planning into the future.

 “MCS Case Management is an essential link between our family, the office of the Wards of Court and our solicitor, Siobhan can also obtain background information before asking difficult questions. She acts as a ‘buffer’, in our best interest.


Inclusive Case Management Services after the case is settled

 Short and long term support that MCS Case Management provide include:

  •  Nursing Care and Support:

Sourcing and implementing Nursing Care, Personal Assistant Care, Support Workers and Respite Care. Ensuring proper qualifications, suitability and training for each individual client’s needs. We oversee employment issues as they arise, such as re-recruitment and

adapting & maintaining a care or support team.

  •  Therapy & Rehabilitation Needs:

We source local and outreach therapists including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, music therapists, psychological support and more.

  • Aids and Appliances:

This could be anything from a wheelchair, shower tray, to assistive technology, helping the client

to be as comfortable as possible at home, work or school. Ensuring proper rehabilitation for their needs.

  • Accessible Accommodation:

Liaising with builders and architects, solicitors and the office of the Wards of Court in relation to tenders and eventually the actual building works and adaptations to ensure that the client get’s what they need to live comfortably at home.

  • Education:

We assist with integrating the care needs of our clients with their schools, ensuring assistive technology extends to the clients school, planning for 3rd level education, home tuition and inclusive summer camps.

  • Transportation:

Accessible transportation companies recommended.

  • Respite & Holidays:

Accessible holiday locations in Ireland and abroad recommended. 

  • Financial Wellbeing:

Support organisations recommended.

  • IT & Administration Support

It is important to have the correct systems in place to manage client's funds from the Wards of Court. 

  • Adaptable Clothing and Accessories:

In Ireland we have a range of wonderful services available.

  • Social Networking:

It is important for clients where possible to network with like-minded people and for family members to get support from the many organisations we have all over Ireland.

  • Ongoing Support:

At MCS Case Management, we provide ongoing emotional and practical support for the client, and their family by phone and email.

  • Liaising:

We liaise with solicitors and the office of the wards of court, support organisations and all of the multi-disciplinary teams.

  • Crisis Management:

We include crisis management in our Case Management package which is enviably used in all cases.


“MCS Case Management have been very supportive and proactive. We are constantly surprised by the innovative ideas Siobhan will present us with”.


Why choose MCS Case Management

 MCS Case Management is a leading provider of case management in Ireland and works with clients countrywide with offices in Dublin and Cork.

Siobhan Mc Sweeney is a dedicated and hard-working ally to have on your side. She will come up with suggestions and ideas you would never have imagined. The difference with MCS Case Management is, they make it happen!

Advantages of having a case manager

  • Avoid duplication
  • Co-ordinate all stakeholders to ensure collaborative workings and progress
  • Save funds
  • Knows what will work from experience and can give good advice
  • Look ahead to the future needs of the client and carers, family.
  • A huge support for the family on their difficult journey
  • Ongoing Case Assessments in relation to all aspects of the case, a complete overview of the case
  • Case Management Reports which document goals, plans and progress.
  • Consistent spending in accordance with expert reports.
  • Crisis Management


“MCS Case Management has been a life saver. I was finding it difficult to cope with the demands that my son’s condition brought to the whole family. I couldn’t see a way forward, Siobhan's case management service has given me my life back”


MCS Case Management come with a wealth of experience and skills

  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Hospital Management,
  • Medico-Legal & Expert Witness Training
  • Managing Intellectual Disability
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Private Tutor Services
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • ICU Care
  • Palliative Care & Life Support Training
  • Counseling
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy

  “Having the company employed to facilitate care has changed my life”

 MCS Case Management ensure the highest standard, quality and effectiveness of case management services to our clients countrywide. We provide a client centred service with a duty of care to the client.  We work in an ethical and professional manner in accordance with our code of ethics and confidentiality policy.  Our associates are highly experienced and undergo ongoing training and continued professional development. Our staff are also garda vetted and are accredited members of the British Association of Brain Injury Case managers (BABICM) and Case Management Society UK (CMSUK).

We provide a personal and bespoke case management service tailored to fit each individual client’s specific needs pertaining to their health, care and social needs. We take a cost-effective approach to case management which includes assessments, care planning, care co-ordination, advocacy, psychosocial support, monitoring and reviewing of the case.

Our services include the provision of support to clients and their families and finding suitable resources to meet their needs, hopes and wishes. We efficiently co-ordinate and manage all services while advocating on behalf of the client. This is an ongoing service which is constantly monitored, assessed and adjusted. Once we are appointed, we begin to work 3 months in advance of payment.

We start monthly visits to establish trust and a therapeutic working relationship with our clients and their families. Following further discussion, together we finalise an initial 2- year case management plan. This Case Management plan outlines the client and their families hope, wishes and aspirations for the future. We then work to get the service established to a satisfactory level.

We have a good working relationship with the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA), Acquired Brain Injury Ireland and Headway and currently provide case management services to clients using these services and also introduce clients to these services.

We attend events and conferences nationally and internationally in order to keep up to date with new therapies, services and equipment and we write about these on our website blog in order to share this valuable information not only with our clients but with the public also.

We focus solely on the care of our clients whilst maximising efficiency, cost effectiveness and value for money. When a person’s life has been changed by injury, we address the practicalities.

 For further information or assistance, please call Siobhan on her direct line 01 493 6948 or email

Have a look at our Case Studies

Read about some of our clients and how we have worked with them. 

For Adults

Our clients range from birth to older people and their injuries are as a result of a variety of incidents including:

  • Catastrophic Brain Injuries
  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Spinal Injury
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Occupational / Industrial Injuries

For Children

Our clients range from birth to older people and their injuries are as a result of a variety of incidents including:

  • Birth Injury
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Developmental Delay
  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Spinal Injury
  • Road traffic accidents

Assessments & Reports

Periodic Payment Orders: Preparing Case Management Reports and Costings for mediation and settlement hearing and high court hearings. 

Immediate Needs Assessment: This is the assessment of the injured person’s initial needs in regard to care, support, medical, therapy, equipment, accommodation, vocational, educational, leisure, holidays, vehicle assess and transport.

Care Needs Analysis: This is the ongoing provision of the management of day to day care.

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