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In 2007, at 17 years of age, Shane was involved in a road accident where he sustained a severe acquired brain injury. I first met Shane and his family, 10 years later in 2017. Shane was 10 years in a Community Nursing Home where he received excellent 24-hour nursing care. His families wish was for Shane to come home to a specially adapted apartment attached to the family farm house.

In my role as Case Manager, with my extensive nursing experience, I was delighted to achieve the family's wish. This was done in conjunction with the HSE, care provider and Multi Disciplinary Team involved in Shane's care, starting out on a phased basis over 2 months. 

Shane is now living in his own adapted home since 2018 supported by a care company who provide staff nurses and personal assistants on a 24/7basis. This service is supported by a nurse manager and we have regular case review meetings. All of  Shane's therapies are delivered in his own home, (e.g. Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Music Therapy).

Shane is content at home and is out and about in an adapted vehicle when weather permits. Shane also attends his local IWA day centre.  I supported Shane's family in communication with his Wards of Court Registrar and Solicitor. 


Thank you to Shane and his parents for allowing me to publish this. 


I started working with George who has Cerebral Palsy, when he was 14 years of age in 2016. His mother and sole carer was struggling to find the right supports. He was attending his local special school and I organised the services of 2 personal assistants to work shifts around Georges busy schedule. George is an avid gardener and designed his own vegetable garden where he loves to spend time. George received a Hero award for his part in the successful resuscitation of a sports coach in the gym where he attends. This inspired George to complete a first responder’s course. I assisted George and his Mum with a re-build of a purchased bungalow to accommodate George’s self contained apartment to enhance his supported independence. 

George completed his applied Leaving Cert in 2020 and went into work part-time in Naas Hospital supported by KARE. Covid-19 was a very challenging time for George as he loved traveling. He is back visiting his favourite places, Tramore, CentreParcs adapted accommodation and taking holidays abroad. George loves living in his own self contained apartment attached to the family home. He was devasted when he couldn't do his theory test and so I organised a trip to Mondello Park and trialled a racing simulator with Digital Motor Sport. He now drives virtually in the comfort of his own apartment. 

Thank you to George and his mother for allowing me to publish this.


Antoinette suffered a catastrophic brain injury following a road traffic accident in 2014. I first met Antoinette in 2015 when she was being cared for in an acute hospital setting. Over a period of time, I visited different acquired brain injury units with her sister. Finally after much research, Antoinette moved to Peamount Rehabilitation Hospital in 2018, to an acquired brain injury unit where her care needs are being met in a holistic and caring environment. The team is led by Dr Eugene Wallace, Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine and Clinical Nurse Manager, Ms George. 

Antoinette had her tracheostomy removed in 2019 and she attended her nephew's wedding in Dundalk and visited her family home.  Unfortunately, her planned 40th Birthday celebrations in her home town had to be cancelled when Covid-19 restrictions were enforced.  As I had already organised eye gaze technology, she was able to receive music therapy via eye gaze technology during Covid.  In 2021, Antoinette eventually returned home again for her Dad's 70th birthday supported by Peamount staff. It was a very emotional day for the family. A transition to home plan is being considered. Currently I am working with the family to organise Antoinette's discharge from Wardship to the Decision Support Service (DSS). 

Thanks to Antoinette's Family and Dr. Eugene Wallace for allowing me to publish this. 



In 2004, at 17 months, Matthew contracted Haemophilus Influenza Type B, which led to Meningitis, undiagnosed at the time, resulting in Matthew being left with a severe neurological deficit and ventilated.   

in 2017, when I became his case manager, he was attended Gorey Community College for his secondary education supported by a staff nurse. The McGrath's are an amazing family who are an inspiration to everyone.

In 2019, Matthew completed his Junior Cert. In 2020, he travelled to Barcelona on his transition year school trip. He did work experience, visiting the National Garda Immigration Unit and many other projects. He completed his leaving cert in 2021 and started attending the National Learning Network in Wexford and UCD since 2022. To the left is a picture of Matthew before attending his Debs. 

Matthew won Young Achiever of the Year, Gorey Awards, in 2022. He set up his own website http://wheeleasybeaches.ie/promoting access for wheelchair users and physically impaired to beaches in Wexford. He visits South Africa regularly with his family. He is a great sports fan and supporter of Leinster and Ireland Rugby  and attends most of their matches. 

Thank you to Matthew and his parents for their permission to publish this.


My son was an exemplary student of law and was extremely ambitious before he suffered a brain hemorrhage. However, due to his brain injury, he was struggling with the demands of full-time employment and some general day to day tasks. My solicitor requested an immediate needs assessment for the courts. Siobhan's report identified many immediate and long term needs we had not considered ourselves. Many of these have been implemented, we continue to work with Siobhan and are hopeful her interventions will improve my son’s quality of life. Siobhan is very emphatic, personable, approachable and kind. 

Thanks to Ann for allowing me to publish this.